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infants playing

We have two infant classrooms, called Nido I and II (“nest” in Italian). These rooms offer a nurturing and caring environment, prepared just for your little one! While giving them all the love and support that a young baby needs, we work closely with your infant to help him achieve independence by providing experiences that further develop his senses, motor, and communication skills.

We also work to peak her interest in colors and refine her sense of touch through various sensory materials. When they are ready, we help our Nido babies experiment with different foods and new yummy smells. We play Classical Music throughout the day in our Nido rooms and plan lessons exposing our students to various sounds. We also work on gross motor development, offering lots of tummy time to our youngest babies, and assisted walking for the older ones. And lastly, we teach common words for babies using American Sign Language (commonly called “baby sign”).

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Our infant curriculum focuses on gross and fine motor development, sensory exploration, and language development with enrichment activities in the arts. We have separate rooms for our mobile and not-yet-mobile babies. For the Little Cardinals who are not yet on the move, there are a variety of exercises that encourage rolling over, pushing up, sitting up, and crawling. For the older babies, there is ample space for crawling and taking those first steps. Our Nido teachers also work with the infants to track objects with their eyes to include black and white books for the youngest babies.

In terms of language development, we offer baby sign which promotes communication before a child can verbally speak with others. Classical music is played throughout the day and there are sound activities, as well. No childcare experience would be complete without artwork to bring home, so our enrichment activities will provide our families with ample masterpieces for their little one’s keepsake boxes!